#selflove work log

A prototype made in a week for NYU Game Center's Prototype Studio Spring 2020

Prototypes are to be made in a week

Theme of this week was: Integers

  • Wednesday
    • Hovering around ideas of Moral Math, Utilitarianism, Trolley Problems
  • Thursday
    • Wrote one of my first social media posts where I talk about being Asian American, specifically regarding anti-Asian racism in light of Coronavirus
  • Friday?
    • Then I watched an old Chi City Man video on saying goodbye to a friend
    • Then I recorded a cover of a song from The Muppet Movie, I’m Going to Go Back there Someday
    • Felt depressed that day
    • Then I wanted to make something based around different definitions of home
  • Sunday
    • Then I wrote a Facebook post about the value of self love above romantic love in light of Valentine’s Day
  • Monday
    • Then I started to build out a Visual Novel that played like a Self Love- Self Assessment, which I thought would be rated from 1-5 like a CBT worksheet, or like Croodles
    • After a while, I got tired of the writing feeling dishonest, like I’m somehow omniscient of what your thoughts are going to be, which was kind of a shortcoming of Reflections at Sunset. So I decided to make it have subjective storytelling about my background and where I was coming from with all this advice. 
      • Friends would tell me that my advice wouldn’t be as helpful as telling them my stories about how I was in a similar situation
      • Randy Pausch once said, people don’t listen to advice, but people love stories. People can draw the lessons themselves from a story
    • Then I wanted some kind of music to accompany, which I was envisioning the whole time as the muppet thing, but problems there were: 
      • 1- Doesn’t loop well
      • 2- Voice over makes it hard to focus on reading
      • 3- I don’t think my voice is that good
      • 4- The tone of the writing was a little more sarcastic than sincere at this point
      • So I looked for different reflective kind of music
      • Settled on some lofi hip hop beats that I literally was just listening to
      • Music: technicolor by kudasai - video upload by youtuber ikiru
  • Tuesday 
    • Kept working on quality of writing (text getting cut off from window, phrasing, what I was comfortable sharing)
    • Did some builds, working on polishing


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Feb 12, 2020

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