Work Log

A prototype made for NYU Game Center's Prototype Studio class in Spring 2020

Prototype was made in a week

This was the general progression in thoughts

  • Week 1
    • Looked up a lot of wikipedia about Time and Time Travel, hovered around a lot of ideas about a time travel agency and how the Singularity would create a meme dimension
    • Then kept looking into technical holes in Unity about animation
    • Then settled on Cindi Lauper’s Time after Time and wanting to do a music video game
    • Then getting some timeline functions working
  • Week 2 
    • Then seeing the Wii Shop Channel Music on my laptop and I wanted to do a meme game
    • I couldn’t think of who else to use but Garfield (drawing from last semester's House of Good Vibes)
    • Then I wanted to explore Internet Maximalist aesthetic like meme gifs and videos, to the soundtrack, a la an interactive music video
    • Tried to find the most basic form of interaction to be sync’d up with a song, and found some basic clicking while spacing out the different jokes
    • Then classmate Toby Do showed me how to import a character and animation from Mixamo. I chose a kind of placeholder one and just decided to leave it in there (thanks Toby!)
    • Voila


Prototype Studio Week 25 MB
Feb 05, 2020

Get A Romance of Many Garfields (& Friend)

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