A downloadable book

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A memoir of a life in games I've made and  games I've played

Check out memories of games like

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Flash games like Newgrounds and Homestar Runner
  • Neopets
  • French MMORPG Dofus
  • Games flipping at Blockbuster Video and Gamestop
  • Freelance game journalism

See the life that led to the choices made the following

  • Geeky origins as a lonely kid
  • Running a college game dev club
  • Making narrative games that made people laugh, and made people cry
  • Co-founding a nonprofit for underrepresented game devs
  • Running a sleeper hit quiet party for game devs
  • Graduating from NYU's Master's of Fine Arts in Game Design program
  • Going to the brink and how I managed to come back through my knowledge of psychology, philosophy, and gaming

Through the lenses of

  • Growing in parallel with the evolution of games as a medium from the 90s to 2020s
  • As an Asian American
  • As a New Yorker (I'm walkin' here!)
  • As someone with a neurodivergent background

Development log


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This has inspired me to think and document (in case I ever forget) in depth on the games // consoles that I played growing up!