NOTICE: There will be various content warnings throughout the game. The game deals with its topics in a nuanced manner meant to advance discussion around their topics. 


Interview 6 different characters from a kingdom not unlike our own. Their problems reflect the problems of our times. See what they did and what you would have done.


Confessions of an NPC is a Twine game where players interview six characters in a fantasy world with analogs to political crises in modern America, including school shootings, mental health, racism, intergenerational conflict, sex work, and corporatism. The stories emphasize realism through their dilemmas, but light fantasy elements allow a level of abstraction to make the topics more palatable to a consumer audience. Through the players' choices, players find out about the characters' stories, and are posed with what they would do in the characters' position, while the characters' stories continue unchanged. By respecting the characters' agency, players can empathize with their conflict while circumventing the problem of erasing the validity of that characters' choice, which is a common fear for writing marginalized video game protagonists.


Writer, Programmer, Game Designer - Charles Hans Huang

Cover art by Wen Shi


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Interesting... This was really something! The experience was really well made, and I think it captures the truth of things well. Thank you for making this... It was really nice :)