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My therapist will hear about you tomorrow!(iДi)

Very well made. The writing was particularly good and immersive. Made me really think about how morality and perspective tie in together. Keep it up!

Ah thank you! Comments like this are really encouraging to me! Thanks :)


Really interesting game. Well done.



I've played a lot of games on this website, but I don't think any of them have stuck onto me like this one has. I really like being able to write out my answers at the end of each "route" because it feels like I have more of a personal impact and connection towards the story as a whole. They've really made me question my insight on certain scenarios and blurred the lines between what we typically see as black-and-white.

This was well-made--I really hope you can continue to create more games in the future :)

Aww thanks so much for the kind words. It's been a long time since I've released this game, but I'm glad it's still having an impression on people. There are many things I would want to change about this game to this day, but I'm glad that my goal of encouraging self reflection is still working for people.

Thanks so much!!



I'm sitting here at 2 AM, having one of the most emotional revelations i've had in years, with an actual letter clutched in my hand. It's an odd feeling, and an emotionally exhausting one, but a much needed one too.

I didn't expect it to hit nearly as hard as it did. It's a very well crafted story, and I love it both as a concept and in practice. Your writing, at least in this work, has a way of making me feel... grounded? I feel more appreciative of the bonds I have with others, is the best way to put it. This was an experience I don't think I'll forget soon.

Thanks so much for playing :)


Interesting... This was really something! The experience was really well made, and I think it captures the truth of things well. Thank you for making this... It was really nice :)