House of Good Vibes: Internet Reality

Inspired by early internet artifacts-- 90s Geocities pages, Neil Cicerega's Animutations, Zombocom, Nathalie Lawhead, Hypnospace Outlaw, Vaporwave

Made for Visual Lab 0 at NYU Game Center Fall 2019 (in a fit of passion while I was feeling creatively frustrated from my other classes and had these Pass/Fail assignments in Visual Lab for making a portfolio page)

Prototyped in: Email Contact Form


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meme game is pretty chill. I love the possibility zone. I think it could be a stand alone game as is :D

The Possibility Zone is ground breaking technology as it's the first game of it's kind.:

VR & AR & ALT-R game that can run in a browser , doesn't drop frames , and doesn't give the player motion sickness. impressive to say the least.

lololol thank you so much :D


i like it, but the possibility zone scares me tbh


thanks! yeah the possibility zone is "inspiring" but a little extra lol


your welcome!

who frickin voiced whoever the hell is talking in the possibility zone tho?

(srry if it was you but that voice is what scares me)


... it was me. I voiced the possibility zone. T_T the tears won’t stop coming :( 


im so sorry. for real

(please dont be trolling me. im not good with jokes like that.)

if ur not trolling me

then ill do pretty muhc anything to make you happy or make up for it!!!


lol i'm ok, it was me who voiced the characters. to be clear, i'm not actually crying. it's just kinda funny lol. sorry if i made you worry!